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Advances in Biological Control
To be held at
Olde Barn Hotel, Marston, Lincs, UK
30 November 2011
BASIS points awarded 8 (4CP, 3E, 1AP)

The first AAB ‘Advances in Biocontrol’ conference, which was held in November 2010, was a resounding success. At the end of the day, delegates voted unanimously to repeat the event in 2011 following the same format.


Our intention is to create an annual gathering of the biocontrol community at which young scientists, experienced researchers and practitioners can meet and share their knowledge and expertise. We hope the interaction with ‘like-minded’ people who have complementary expertise will enhance thinking and promote collaborative ventures.


In order to involve as many people and topics as possible, we will once again restrict speakers to slots of 15 minutes. The intention is to create awareness and pave the way for future interactions rather than to present detailed research results.


The overall objective of the conference will be to explore means of providing alternatives to conventional chemical interventions in crop protection through integrated pest management and integrated crop management as well as classical biological control. The emphasis will be on biological control but related techniques, such as semiochemicals, cultural measures and physical control, will also be included.


We are currently constructing the conference programme from submitted papers. Topics will fall into the following categories:

·         The role of habitat manipulation in pest management.

·         Non-chemical control of soil-borne diseases

·         Novel use of entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes.

·         Parasitoids and hyperparasitoids within IPM programmes.

·         Optimising the use of predatory mites

·         Slowing pest development by releasing sterile individuals

·         Case studies: IPM programmes against two important pests


Dr Rob Jacobson


AAB Biological Control Group

This conference will follow on from our conference ‘Biopesticides’ which is to be held at the same venue on 29 November 2011. A conference dinner will be held between the two events.  Registration is at 08.45 and finish time is 17.30.

Click on the Olde Barn Hotel to find details of the conference venue.


Please book by 24 November to avoid the late booking charge of £25.  An administration charge of £25 will be applied to all cancellations. No cancellations accepted after 22 November.
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