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Plant Biotechnology Journal

Plant Biotechnology Journal is published in association with the Association of Applied Biologists and the Society for Experimental Biology and is published by Wiley-Blackwell. The journal aims to publish high-impact original research and incisive reviews by leading researchers in applied plant science, with an emphasis on molecular plant sciences and their applications through plant biotechnology. Online manuscript submission is available via http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/plantbiotechjournal

Plant Biotechnology Journal's Impact Factor for 2016 is 6.92.


The journal is ranked 5th out of 196 in the 'Plant Science' category and 16th of 165 in the Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology category.


The aim of  Plant Biotechnology Journal is to publish substantial, world-class primary research articles in applied plant science, involving applications of plant biotechnology and plant biology across all industrial sectors.


Publishing original research, Plant Biotechnology Journal will report on significant new contributions to the field, providing a forum for the best papers in applied plant science. Published articles will report novel and exciting findings in strategic research in plant biotechnology, combining curiosity-driven studies with the potential for application.  


Applications may involve agriculture, horticulture, food and food-processing, paper, pulp and timber, pharmaceuticals, medical, phytoremediation, marine applications, non-food uses of plants and industrial crops. With the rapid developments in genomic sequencing and analysis, and availability of new technologies to analyse functional genomics and proteomics, the combined powers of genetics, biochemistry and cell biology are leading to the very rapid production of new information. Plant Biotechnology Journal welcomes the results of these programmes when the outcome is likely to enhance the application of plant science to the above industries.

Plant Biotechnology Journal will publish novel, peer reviewed primary research articles and concise reviews in topical areas. The journal promises rapid publication (within 12 weeks of acceptance) and speedy responses to authors, with all papers being critically reviewed within four weeks of receipt by at least two independent referees. The peer review process will ensure that articles are both rigorous and readable. Further details can be found at the journal's web site or from the editorial office:


Plant Biotechnology Journal Editorial Office
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Email: plant-biotechj@wiley.com

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