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Challenges for Crop Production and Quality - Annals of Applied Biology Centenary conference
To be held at
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts, UK
9-10 December 2014
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  It is fitting in marking the Annals Centenary to review how science has contributed to agriculture over the last 100 years and to consider future directions in the context of the challenges ahead. This international conference will focus on one of the greatest challenges facing applied biologists in the 21st century: the "Challenges for Crop Production and Quality"; meeting the requirements of an increasing global population, against the background of a changing climate, limiting resources and increased awareness of the environmental footprint.

  Agriculture faces serious challenges in the next four decades: resources such as water, land, soil, energy and nutrients are limited but production needs to increase to meet rising demand in a world where climate change is occurring. Demand for agricultural produce is currently at unprecedented levels due to increasing population and consumption per capita. It is estimated that in the next 40 years we will have to produce as much food as in the previous 8000 years. Sustainable agricultural systems are needed to minimise environmental footprint while maintaining food security. Will the Malthusian scenario occur or will necessity prove to be the mother of invention?

  The first green revolution involved crop cultivars that gave good yield responses when supplied with fertilisers, irrigated and protected with pesticides. The challenge ahead is to develop crops and agronomic systems that will give good yields with fewer inputs which would improve the eco-efficiency of agriculture. The conference will address the appliance of science to address the grand challenge agriculture faces under four themes:

1. Maximizing Yield Potential;

2. Protecting Crop Potential (biotic and abiotic stresses);

3. Agriculture and the Environment;  

4. Diet and health.

Invited speakers so far include:


Prof Ian Crute CBE (Chief Scientist, Agriculture & Horticultural Development Board)

Prof Achim Dobermann (Director, Rothamsted Research) 

Maximising Yield Potential

Prof Stephen Long FRS (University of Illinois)

Dr Malcolm Hawkesford (Rothamsted Research) 

Protecting Crop Potential (biotic & abiotic stresses)

Prof Jonathan Jones FRS (Sainsbury Laboratory, JIC)

Prof Gustavo Slafer (University of Lleida, Spain) 

Agriculture and the Environment

Prof Iain Gordon (Chief Executive and Director, James Hutton Institute) 

Prof John Crawford (Rothamsted Research)

Diet & Health

Prof Ismail Cakmak (Sabanci University, Turkey)

Prof Clare Mills (University of Manchester)

Closing remarks

Prof Bill Davies CBE (University of Lancaster)



Platform presentations and posters from the conference will be produced as Abstracts and will be available to delegates at the conference. There will also be a special issue of Annals of Applied Biology.  


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Registration is now available for the conference.  Registration  fee includes attendance at the conference, lunch and refreshments on both days, a copy of the Abstracts and VAT.


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Conference dinner 9 Dec at the Holiday Inn Luton South Includes drinks & nibbles reception, 3 course dinner & wine      £45.00


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Exhibitors are provided with a 6 x 3’ table, lunch and refreshments on both days, and brochures in delegate packs.  The option of just having brochures in delegate packs is available for £180 incl. VAT.


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