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Breeding Plants to Cope with Future Climate Change
To be held at
University of Leeds, Leeds,UK
16-18 June 2014
20 BASIS points have been awarded as follows: 8 CP, 8 E, 4 PD


The conference will cover the following topics:

• To discuss the contribution of plant science and breeding to maintaining food security in the face of increasing demand and the challenges presented by climate change

• To examine the role that basic plant science and modelling can play in supporting plant breeding to achieve yield gains and the goal of sustainable agricultural production

• To bring together world leading plant scientists, plant breeders, crop modellers and climate modellers to discuss the plasticity of the plant genome and its regulation in relation to climate change

• To consider how to balance the requirements of intensive agricultural production with the dependence of rural welfare on agricultural productivity, particularly in Africa

• The programme will include:

- Improving photosynthesis to enhance yield

- Genome plasticity in relation to biotic and abiotic stress responses

- Pathways to innovation

- Targeting climate information for crop breeding




16 June - Morning Session: Improving Photosynthesis to Enhance Yield

Session Chairs Christine Foyer (University of Leeds, UK) and Nigel Halford (Rothamsted Research, UK)

Invited speakers:

1. Don Ort (USA)

2. Marta Da Silva Lopez (CIMMYT, Turkey)

16 June - Afternoon Session: Crop production in the face of climate change

3. Mikhail Semenov (UK)

4. Pierre Martre (France)

5. Christine Raines (UK)

After Dinner Speaker: Nigel Halford (Rothamsted Research, UK)


17 June – Morning Session: Genome Plasticity in Relation to Biotic and

Abiotic Stress Responses

Session chairs Robert Edwards (University of Newcastle) and Alison Baker (University of Leeds)

Invited speakers:

6. Robert Edwards (UK): Introduction.

7. Julia Bailey Seres (USA)

8. Michael Thomashow (USA)

9. Peter Meyer (UK)

17 June – Afternoon Session: Responses of crops to climate change

10. Reimund Rötter (Finland)

11. Graham Farquhar (Australia)

After Dinner Speaker: David Howlett (DIFID, UK)


18 June – Morning Session I: Pathways to Innovation

Session chairs: Bryan McKersie (USA) and Paul Knox (University of Leeds)

Invited speakers:

12. Bryan McKersie (USA): Introduction

13. Matthew Hannah (UK)

14. Paul Loida (USA)

18 June – Morning Session II: Breeding Plants to Cope with Climate Change

15. Peter Langridge (Australia)

16 Christoph Dockter (Denmark)

18 June – Afternoon Session: Climate change models and their applications: Targeting climate information for crop breeding

Session chairs: Andy Challinor (University of Leeds) and Ann Koehler (University of Leeds)

Invited Speakers

Andy Challinor (UK) "Climate change and crops: a view from the IPCC"

Ann Koehler (UK) "Climate model analysis for plant breeding"

Senthold Asseng (USA) "Using climate information and crop modeling for crop breeding"

Jill Cairns (CIMMYT) "Breeding maize for climate change"

Alexandre Bryan Heinemann (EMBRAPA) "Environmental Groups for Upland Rice Target Population; Environments in Brazil: Drought Profile and Yield Trend"

Organised by Africa College, MACSUR CropM and CCAFS






This conferences will run back to back with the conference entitled: "Agronomic Decision Making in an Uncertain Climate" which will run at the University of Leeds on 19 June 2013


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