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Aspects 69: Seedbanks: Determination, Dynamics and Management


R M Bekker  

F Forcella  

A C Grundy  

N E Jones 

E J P Marshall  

A J Murdoch

This proceedings resulted from a joint conference between the Association and the European Weed Research Society, organised at the University of Reading in September 2003.

The weed seedbank in the soil provides us with a unique record of the long-term impact of past management systems on the weed flora.  In addition, the seedbank provides an insight into future weed populations and potential problems.  By improving our understanding of the ecology and physiology of weed seeds and the dynamics of seedbanks, we can use this knowledge towards improving sustainable weed management strategies.  In recent years there has been a worldwide increased interest in seedbanks and this is reflected in the international collection of papers presented.  The meeting provides a forum for the discussion of the challenges facing researchers in this specialised area of weed management.  Broad topics covered include the application of ecological traits to the seedbank, seedbank dynamics in contrasting agro-eco systems and the physiological and formation processes within seedbanks.  The papers presented reflect the wide range of approaches to studying seedbanks at all levels.

2003 310 pp.

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