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Aspects 71: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2004


R P Bateman 

S E Cooper 

J V Cross 

C R Glass 

T H Robinson  

D Stock  

W A Taylor  

E W Thornhill  

P J Walklate


This Aspects has been produced for the International Advances in Pesticide Application conference held at Royal Holloway, University of London from 5-7 January 2004.

As the Association of Applied Biology celebrates its centenary in 2004, agriculture continues to play a major role in the activities of the eight specialist groups. The Pesticide Application Group has focused on the research and development aiming to improve the techniques available for delivering pesticides to their target. There has been a continuous effort to increase the efficacy of the pesticides applied and minimise losses to the environment. It is encouraging to see so many international papers presented this year that highlight the excellent work being done across many continents to improve application techniques. One goal of such researchers is to ensure that crop protection strategies are safe to the workers involved, the environment and ultimately the consumer. The organisers and management of this - our Third Pesticide Application conference - greatly acknowledge the contributions of all our world-wide delegates who have continued to make these goals ones that are truly shared. Despite the importance of the role played by application technology in agriculture, it is often overlooked. Greater resources are made available for monitoring the effects of pesticide use rather than investing in improvements to existing application techniques; an investment that may offer an equal or even greater beneficial impact on the environment and consumer. Previous application conferences have self-developed their own themes which reflect the contents and talking points of the papers being submitted. In 2000 and 2002, we heard much of reducing drift and the independent recognition of approved equipment. International Standards were also describing how measurements should be made when assessing some aspect of performance related to pesticide application. The themes for 2004 will also have emerged to reflect the issues of the day; interest in the two earlier aspects are still prevalent but there were also independent sessions on topics relating to efficacy, fruit spraying, operator exposure and methodology. This year, a record 80 papers have been offered by delegates from 17 countries, such that this conference will again be a major source and interchange of knowledge on pesticide application matters. Whatever the future may hold, be it with biopesticides, the treatment of genetically modified plants or the continued but more judicious use of traditional actives, the need to deliver substances and living organisms to specific parts of the crop in a cost effective, efficient and safe manner will remain a goal for scientists working with application technology. In the quest for sustainable agriculture, it must be borne in mind that agricultural production and global transport of food commodities interact with the environment in many ways, and requires a balanced approach by those responsible for determining the policies which ultimately impact on the farmer at a local level, be it in the Northern Europe or West Africa.

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