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2014 Conferences
28-29 October 2014
Developments in hand-held application techniques at: School of Agriculture, Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
19-20 November 2014
Advances in IPM 2014 at: Olde Barn Hotel, Marston, Lincs, UK
25-26 November 2014
9-10 December 2014
16 December 2014
Advances in Nematology at: Linnean Society
2015 Conferences
31 March-1 April 2015
Improving Soil Health - Developing tools for land managers at: Olde Barn Hotel, Marston, Lincs, UK
27-28 May 2015
Valuing long-term sites and experiments for agriculture and ecology at: Cockle Park farm, Newcastle University, Morpeth, Northumberland
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