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Wheat - Genetic improvement of end use quality
To be held at
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts
9 - 10 February 2016
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Many exciting opportunities are available for the genetic improvement of nutritional and processing quality in wheat for direct human consumption. This conference will bring together the best from academic and commercial research in these areas to spell out the state of the art and stimulate discussion for the way ahead in this field. Areas of particular interest will include: nutritional quality and health benefits, (Fe, Zn, Se, fibre, GI); functionality (milling, rheology, baking); mycotoxins, allergy and intolerance and novel traits.


Viewpoints throughout the supply chain will be welcomed including: biochemistry, genetics, breeding, physiology, milling, processing, end use markets, and the effects of variation in wheat quality on consumers.




An international perspective will be welcomed.

Invited speakers include:



Dr Simon Griffiths (John Innes Centre, Norwich,UK)

Genetic architecture of bread making functionality


Carlos Guzman (CIMMYT, Mexico)

Improving wheat quality for processing and health in international programmes


Roxana Savin (University of Lleida, Spain)

Heat stress and its interaction with nitrogen on grain quality


 Peter Shewry (Rothamsted Research/University of Reading)

Targets for improving wheat quality


Cristobal Uauy (John Innes Centre, Norwich)

Title TBC


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