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Aspects 62: Farming systems for the new Millennium


S K Cook  

W F Cormack  

M Green  

J M Holland  

A R Leake  

J P Welsh

During the past decade, output values for European agricultural products have progressively decreased in real terms, while at the same time the cost of inputs has increased. In order to maintain profitability producers are moving towards reducing costs per unit of output.

There has also been strong pressure from the EU, national governments and consumers for farmers to become more concerned over protection of the environment, food tracebility, food quality and safety. Farmers have responded to these pressures in different ways; some have converted to organic farming to meet the increasing consumer demand for the products, some have continued with high input intensive farming methods whilst others have adopted systems between the two. These conference proceedings provide a forum for presentation of information and results of research work aimed specifically at addressing the challenges facing farming in the new Millenium.

2000 294 pp.

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