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Aspects 61: IAMFE/AAB UK 2000: The 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanization of Field Experiments


B Andersson 

H K M Augsburger  

W D Basford  

J H Crabtree  

J F Demmink  

B Hallerstrom  

T Leuchovius  

P C H Miller  

E Oyjord  

C G L Pennell  

J Poehlmann  

E Williams   


In this volume of Aspects of Applied Biology you will find 54 reports from 24 countries on new or improved methods and equipment for agriculture and horticulture research.

Among discussed themes are: Trials management; Planning of trials; Collecting & processing data; Precision agriculture; Pesticide application; Glasshouse mechanisation systems; Quality assurance systems; Soil cultivation, planting & fertilising; Grass land experimentation; Combinable crops. You will find country reports from the Baltic and the Be-Ne-Lux countries as well as from Belarus, China, Cuba, France, Hungary, India, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay and USA. Aspects No. 61 gives you an overview of current trends in field experimentation but may also expand your personal network of international contacts in this specialised, but for the general development of agriculture very important, sector of agricultural research.

2000 316 pp.  

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