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Annals of Applied Biology's

2016 Impact Factor is 2.18 

ISI Journal Ranking 2016 6/56 Agriculture Multidisciplinary

ISI Journal Ranking 2016 48/290 Agronomy and Crop Science 


Plant Biotechnology Journal's  

 2016 Impact Factor is 6.92

                ISI Journal Ranking 2016 2/290 Agronomy and Crop Science                   


Food and Energy Security Journal's  

 2016 Impact Factor is 9

                ISI Journal Ranking 2016 1/290 Agronomy and Crop Science 

The Association has three peer-reviewed scientific journals: Annals of Applied Biology, owned by the Association and published by

Wiley-Blackwell, Plant Biotechnology Journal, which is co-owned with the Society for Experimental Biology and Wiley-Blackwell and Food and Energy Security which is also jointly owned with Wiley-Blackwell; Volume 1 Issue I was released in July 2012.


In launching the new online-only, open-access Journal Food and Energy Security, The Association hopes to provide an innovative global platform to enhance the dissemination of research and developments in applied biology to a wider audience.

Alongside it's conferences, the Association publishes books of the proceedings numbered as Aspects of Applied Biology.

The Association has also published a database CD ROM, Descriptions of Plant Viruses.

In 2004, the AAB produced a Centenary book issued free to its membership. The book contains a message from The Queen's Office and a Foreword by the 2004 President of The Royal Society, Lord May.

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