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10 APRIL 2017

Advances in Soil Biology
To be held at
Rothamsted Research,Harpenden, Herts UK
20 April 2017
5 BASIS points have been awarded (1CP, 4E) for this conference

Currently within the UK and within the European research community, there is considerable expertise in soil biology including specialists who would otherwise call themselves soil scientists, ecologists, taxonomists, agronomists, microbiologists, entomologists and even farmers. Furthermore, recent advances in genetic and other biochemical techniques now provide new ways to explore and characterise soil communities, and are beginning to reveal the true complexity, and functional importance, of the below-ground ecological interactions driven by soil biology.

This conference will launch the new Soil Biology special interest group within the AAB and provide a platform for broad discussions on issues at the forefront of the agenda for soil biology such as suppressiveness of soils to disease, soil function and health, resilience to climate change.

The conference organisers are happy to accept posters until 10/4/2017,  these can be posters already presented elsewhere that you would like to bring to highlight the work of your group.

For some posters there may also be an opportunity to give a short (up to 3 slide) poster highlight presentation; a few slots remain. A short abstract is needed for the conference proceedings which will be made available on the day.

If you do not have a poster but would like to bring a demonstration, please let us know.

Descriptions of papers can be submitted by mailing or faxing the attached sheet to the AAB Office, or online via our web site at http://www.aab.org.uk. Click on CONFERENCES and then ABSTRACTS in the menu bar, then the title of Conference. Once you have registered as a user you can upload your details. Please indicate if your offer is for a poster or a platform presentation. Please ensure your POP UP BLOCKER is off, or the abstract may not load properly.


There will be twenty five pound admin fee charged on all cancellations. No cancellations accepted after 6 April 17
A late booking surcharge of twenty five pounds will be addedafter 6 April 17
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