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Aspects 55: Information technology for crop protection

EDITOR: J D Knight


The uses of IT in the area of crop production and protection continue to develop both as a result of changes in technology but also as the medium becomes more acceptable to farmers and growers. The use of information technology is not simple, it has to be appropriate to the problem and included at the start of the project, too often it has been included in the later stages as a way of making use of data that has been collected for other purposes.

These aspects provide a "snap shot" of how IT is being used both for research purposes and for delivering information to growers to support their decision making. The research papers presented cover a wide range of subject matter and use information technology in slightly different ways which highlights the degree to which we have become reliant upon it to help us solve problems. It is hoped that the information contained within these aspects will allow a wider audience to assess the suitability of current research in this area to help to solve the problems of the growers in this and other countries.

1999 88 pp.

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