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International Advances in Pesticide Application
To be held at
Mercure Brighton Seafront Hotel, Brighton, Sussex, UK
09-11 January 2018
BASIS points will be applied for

Over the last three decades the Pesticide Application Group has provided a forum for researchers from around the world to discuss progress with the development of pesticide application technology. During this time great advances have been made to improve the efficacy and safety of pesticides, resulting in lower doses of pesticides in the field, leading to lower residue levels in produce and the environment. Scientific and engineering advances can be exploited more readily with the regular contact between the many research groups working with crop protection and production techniques.

Once again it is anticipated there will be a wide range of international papers presented at the 2018 conference emphasizing the excellent research being done across the diverse disciplines to improve application techniques and pesticide safety. International collaboration is easier now than in the early days of the Pesticide Application Group, for a variety of reasons. The Aspects of Applied Biology acts as a good reference source for up to date techniques for researchers around the globe

The Aspects of Applied Biology series for these conferences are welcomed by the delegates and sell well for the Association. The most recent three volumes have been printed in colour and delegates felt it was well worth the extra cost for this.

Key topic areas for sessions include: 

 - International Regulations and Standards                                           

- Precision crop spraying

- On target deposition                                                                                  

- Sprayer loading and cleaning- Spray drift

- Efficacy                                                                                                             

- Soil/granule applications

- Fruit/vine/vegetable spraying                                                

- Pesticide application in developing countries

- Operator exposure including product loading                  

- Crop adapted spraying

- Spray measurement techniques                                                           

- Post application emission

- Application of bio-pesticides and bio-control agents    

- Seed treatment

- Application of pheromones                                                                     

- Vector control

- Bystander, Operator and Environmental Exposure                       

- Emerging crops

- Control systems for sprayers                                                  

- Urban Amenity

- Formulation                                                                                                    

- Pellets and Granules

- Forestry

Accepted papers will be published in the Aspects of Applied Biology series and available as part of the conference pack. Primary authors of accepted papers will be notified by session organisers by the end of March 2017, and sent instructions for the papers (6-8 pages for platform and 2-6 pages for poster presentations). Offers submitted by the 10 March 2017 deadline will be given priority for platform presentations. You can submit your offer using the attached form or online at our web site: http://www.aab.org.uk

Click on CONFERENCES in the menu bar of the website, then ABSTRACTS, then the conference title. You can register your email and, after being sent a password, can upload your offer. Please indicate whether your offer is for a platform presentation or a poster. Posters may be submitted for publication in Aspects of Applied Biology as a full paper or as a 2-page abstract

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