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Aspects 74: GM Crops - Ecological Dimensions


H F van Emden 

A J Gray


The growing of GM crops has created huge controversy, especially in relation to possible ecological side effects.

The editors of this book wanted to make available the current scientific factual information without ‘spin’ or value judgements, and to this end a group of scientists representing the Association of Applied Biologists, the Royal Entomological Society and the British Ecological Society planned a conference with the title of this book for September 2002. At a later date, the editors selected speakers from the conference and invited them to write chapters specifically for a book. After an introductory chapter by the President of the Rockefeller Foundation on the international dimension of GM crops, separate parts of the book are devoted to the ecological dimensions of gene flow, wider biodiversity issues, soils and soil processes and risk assessment. The result is an informative and refreshingly factual presentation of a subject normally clouded by subjective bias and agendas.


2004 225 pp.

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