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Aspects 92: The 2nd European Ramularia Workshop - A new disease and challenge in barley production 

Simon Oxley

James Brown

Vicky Foster

Neil Havis

The European Ramularia workshop is an excellent forum to formalise linkages between researchers, plant breeders, agronomists and end users working throughout Europe and provides them an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest research and practical advice to manage this relatively new disease problem.  This second Ramularia workshop held in Edinburgh follows on from the successful event held three years ago in Göttingen, Germany.

Ramularia Leaf Spot in barley is caused by the fungal pathogen Ramularia collo-cygni.  Although the disease was first reported in the 19th century, it has only become a major disease to cause major economic losses in barley over the past fifteen years.  There is debate about the relative importance of the disease in different countries and how the disease affects yield and quality in different regions.  This is not surprising for a disease which was initially thought to be an issue in north European countries with a cool wet climate, but which is now found further south in regions with very different climatic conditions.  The spread southwards suggests this pathogen can adapt to a range of climatic conditions.

Knowledge on the biology of the pathogen can be used to develop risk forecasts for the disease in regions where it is already endemic plus practical measures to limit its impact in areas where it has yet become established.  The same knowledge is invaluable to assist breeders in the quest to develop varieties with resistance or tolerance to the disease. Diagnostic techniques have improved in recent years and are a valuable tool to learn about the spread of disease both within the plant and in the environment.

The information shared between different research groups provides valuable experience not only to manage Ramularia Leaf Spot, but also provides a foundation to study potential new disease threats which may appear in Europe in the future either as a consequence of climate change, or more likely as a consequence of changes in pathogens adapting to new environmental conditions.


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