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March 2018

AAB News March 2018 

Highlight Conference: Soil Improvement: Impact of Management of Practices on Soil Function and Quality

New GDPR Legislation: AAB Privacy Policy

Upcoming Vacancies for AAB Council 

AAB Profiles - Stuart Knight (President Elect) 


Sustainable Intensification 2017

New Senior Lecturer Role at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

AHDB Building Research Capacity

Aspects of Applied Biology - Now Available!

February 2018

AAB News February 2018

Highlight Conference: Advances in Legume Science and Practice

2018 Membership and Journal Subscriptions

AAB Profiles - Alberto Vitale (Office Manager)

AAB Journals - First Issues of 2018

Advances in Nematology 2017

Presidents Report: Progress towards strategy targets

AAB Post Conference Reports

January 2018

AAB News January 2018

Highlight Conference: Mathematical Modelling in Plants

Rothamsted Research 175th Anniversary

Welcome to the AAB Council

AAB Group Convenors

AAB Post Conference Reports

Graham Matthews IAPA 2018 Article

December 2017

AAB News December 2017

New Aspects of Applied Biology Issues Available

David Hand (1937-2017)

Freidrich Haberlandt Scholarship

American Society of Plant Biologists - Travel Grants

Food and Energy Security Journal Impact Factor

AAB Post Conference Reports


Contents List 


News from Council 


Agronomic Decision Making in an Uncertain Climate Conf Report   


Advances in IPM 14 Conf Report 


Food and Energy Security Announcement of £500 publication fee for AAB Members   


Welcome to New AAB


5th Intl Symposium of Biofumigation Conf Report  


Per Gummer Andersen Obituary 


John Michael Thresh Obituary   


Annals Centenary Conf Report   


ESA Conference 5-9 Sept 16 Announcement  


AAB Officers of Council 2014


Welcome to New AAB




Autumn/Winter 2013/4

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News from Council & Article on the recent floods


Conference reviews 

IAPA 2014

Europe’s Leading Congress on Biotechnology

PMI December 13

New Chief Plant Health Officer announced at Defra 

Welcome to new members

AAB Officers 2014

Page 16 Conference Calendar



Summer/Autumn 2013/2014

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Ash Dieback  

Food and Energy Security...          

Brazilian plant Physiology Meeting (9-12 Sept, Pocos de Caldas, Brazil)




Conference reviews 

IPM: Pushing back the frontiers   -  15-16 October 2013

Farming Systems Design Workshop - 6 March 2013

International Advances in Plant Virology meeting - 25-27 September 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

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News From Council - March 20 2013

Bees and the EU Neonicotinoid Pesticide Ban - Rob Carlton & Luke Fabian

New Members Elected March 2013

AAB Honorary Treasurer Job Advert  

Book of the Month Sale - June and July

Officers of Council


Conference Reports


Crop Protection in Southern Britain November 27-28 November

Dust Emissions from Seed Drills - 14-15 March

Crop Resource Use Efficiency & Field Phenotyping 25-26 March

Environmental Management on Farmland 23-25 April   


Autumn/Winter 2012/2013
Summer 2012
Spring 2012

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News from Council by Elizabeth Stockdale

IAPA On Tour by Simon Cooper  

Water Scarcity: the biggest threat to global food security by Trevor Hocking

Food and Energy Security Journal lauch poster 

Former AAB President Harold Gough Obituary by George McNamara   


Conference reviews


Advances in Plant Virology - 28-30 March 2012
Autumn/Winter 2011/2012
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News from Council by Elizabeth Stockdale  

Brian Kerry Obituary by Roland Perry

'The Vital Role of Technicians' by Mark Downs  

New Members


Conference Reports


Biomass and Bioenergy Crops IV - 21-23 September 2011

AAB NEWS 73 Summer/Autumn 2011
Summer/Autumn 2011
AAB NEWS 72, Summer 2011
Summer 2011
AAB NEWS 71, Autumn/Winter 2010/2011
Autumn/Winter 2010/2011
AAB NEWS 70, Spring 2009
Spring 2009
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Front cover photograph

News from Council by Alfred Keys

Alan Bide Obituary by Jim Orson

Reminiscences of Rothamsted 1938-1941 by Dr Harold Gough 

New Members - elected 11 March 2009

Book Sale - Aspects of Applied Biology

Officers of Council 2009

AAB Forward Conference Programme 

Non-AAB Conferences


Conference reviews 

The Future of Weed Research in the UK - 19 November 2008

Applied Aspects of Aerobiology - 19 November 2008

Residue Reduction through Biocontrol - 3 December 2008 

Biomass and Energy Crops III - 10-12 December 2008

Crop Protection in Southern Britain - 10-11 February 2009 

Crop Protection in Vineyards - 2 March 2009 

The 2nd European Ramularia workshop - a new disease and challenge in barley production - 7-8 April 2009


Marketing project - We are curently working with a KITTS student, organised by Birmingham City University's "Service by Design" project.  Connie Fung is working with us on a variety of marketing projects for three months.  The outcome of this project will be outlined in a future issue of the AABNews. 

Connie will also be joining us to cover Anna John's maternity leave, which starts at the end of June 2009.

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