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Food Systems
The Food Systems Group was formed at the 2008 AGM


A message from the Group Convenor:

Application of biology is integral to the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding our population. As several challenges impact of our food supply system, we have to ensure that it is secure and resilient. This requires a truly transdisciplinary approach across the sciences both on a national and global level. The biological sciences will play a major role, but this will require a strategic and collaborative approach and possibly new and as yet undiscovered ways of working.

Within the Food Systems Group, we hope to identify the role in which applied biology underpins our food system and also what can be contributed at an international level. We aim to work with stakeholders across the food supply chain involved in all aspects of food production and to provide a forum for debate and advancement of knowledge of this important scientific topic.


Food and Energy Security Journal 

 2016 Impact Factor is 9

                ISI Journal Ranking 2016 1/290 Agronomy and Crop Science


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Wendy Russell

Wendy heads Gut Health at the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute. Specialised in molecular nutrition her research aims to establish the role of diet in preventing disorders such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Wendy has funding from the NIH (US) to study the role of dietary metabolites in cancer aetiology and from the Scottish Government to investigate opportunities for novel crop production, particularly in protein provision for the future and in the exploitation of underutilised species. Wendy works extensively with the food and drink industry to develop healthy and sustainable food ingredients and through CAPES (Brazil) and BBSRC Global Challenges funding is researching opportunities to exploit these technologies in low and middle-income countries. Wendy is an editor for Food and Nutrition Research and Microbiome, and chairs ILSI expert groups on nutritional management of postprandial glycaemia and efficacy of intervention in those with metabolic syndrome.

Group Members:
Richard Glass
Richard Glass gained his first degree in Biology at Manchester University, with post graduate studies in Crop protection and Analytical Chemistry. Over 25 years experience with crop protection related research in Europe and Latin America. Specialist areas are pesticide application and safety, occupational and bystander/resident exposure, biopesticide delivery and sustainable production Fluent in Spanish, having worked with coffee leaf rust control in Colombia and extensively with intensive horticulture in Spain.
Elizabeth Stockdale
I have been involved in a wide range of research projects connected with the study of nutrient cycling in soils and with the environmetnal impact of farming systems. At the smallest scale I have used isotope dilution techniques to investigate mineralisation, immobilisation and nitrification processes. The understanding gained has been used to develop modelling approaches to predict soil nutrient cycling at soil, field and farm scale and to guide fertiliser recommendation systems. I have also maintained a strong link to organic farming and carried out some research into nutrient cycling (N, P, K) in organic farming systems
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