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Aspects 99: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2010  

P Balsari

P I Carpenter

S E Cooper

C R Glass

B Magri

C Mountford-Smith

T H Robinson

D Stock

W A Taylor

E W Thornhill

J van de Zande

This international event marks the 10th anniversary of this biennial conference and provides an opportunity to discuss pesticide (and biopesticide) application issues in an informal setting with platform and poster presentations. Key workers from research institutes, industry and regulatory authorities provide a unique mix of biological and engineering sciences.


  While global economies have suffered turmoil since the last conference in 2008, the demand for agriculture to provide sustenance for an ever growing population continues. As standards of living improve in less fortunate populations the associated dietary changes will further the demand on land and water resources. In addition to this, it is not just food production that vies for these finite resources but crops for energy production and other industrial uses.  While the application of pesticides and bio pesticides offer opportunities in maximising production on an industrial scale it must be remembered that assistance on a small scale can also offer considerable benefits.  The papers presented here contribute to the wealth of knowledge needed to support a safe, sustainable and efficient industry.



Invited speakers included:


Mr Jeremy Boxall (LEAF, Kenilworth, UK)

Prof. Xiongkui He (China Agricultural University, Beijing, PR China)

Prof. Hamilton Ramos (Agronomic Institute, Jundiaí, Brasil)


Key topic areas for sessions included:


            •           Equipment and Techniques

            •           Efficacy

            •           Human Exposure (Human & Bystander)

            •           Small sprayers

            •           Spray Physics

            •           Spray Drift

            •           Formulation

            •           Modelling

            •           Biocontrol Agents


  Thanks go to the session organisers (Tom Robinson, Ben Magri, Colin Mountford-Smith, Jan van de Zande, Paolo Balsari, Bill Taylor, Simon Cooper, Richard Glass, David Stock, Philip Carpenter and Evan Thornhill) for their work on editing the papers and finally to Carol, Bernadette and Rebecca at the AAB Office for organising the conference and producing this book.


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