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Aspects 105: Water and nitrogen use efficiency in plants and crops 

Xavier Draye

John Foulkes

Malcom Hawkesford

Erik Murchie

This conference which is cross-disciplinary will be of interest to researchers in basic and applied fields in plant and crop sciences.  It will provide opportunities for those looking for broad and forward thinking perspectives in the understanding of how the basic processes of water and nutrient uptake by plants and crops is related to overall system resource use efficiency.


Sessions include:


  • Water
  • Nitrogen
  • Genetic improvement
  • Systems biology


Within these sessions we intend to cover a wide range of themes: fundamental cellular, physiological and physical limitations to water and nutrient uptake in crop root systems with cross reference and input from model plant systems; strategies for manipulating water- and nitrogen-utilization efficiency in crop systems including improved understanding of the regulation of stomatal function and nitrate assimilation and interactions with photosynthesis and abiotic stress; methodology and instrumentation; systems analysis of resource use efficiency in plants and crops; the role of crop management, plant breeding and genetic manipulation.


This conference will be of interest to research scientists, postgraduate students, managers, policy makers with interest in the sustainability of UK resources in the arable, land use, amenity and public health sectors, food and industrial crops industry managers; and representatives of consumers and media those who influence opinion-formers and polical-decision makers.


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