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AAB Corporate Social Responsibility

The Association of Applied Biologists recognises the global challenges facing us all, many of which are biological in nature. Our key contribution is to encourage activity in key research and development areas and to disseminate the underlying knowledge needed for a sustainable future. Nevertheless we recognise the importance of evaluating all our activities to ensure that we act sustainably and with social responsibility, although these matters are not always under our control. Our approach is not to direct activities, as it is often difficult to ascertain the full consequences of an action, but to create the conditions in which the activities of members and staff are socially responsible and sustainable.  


The Association will: 

1) Support staff and volunteers in ways that promote and sustain a positive, productive and safe working environment. 

2) Minimise waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

3) Consider the direct and indirect environmental impact of its purchases and reduce these where possible.


Face to face meetings are often very productive and will inevitably remain an important aspect of our management and conference activities. However, consideration will be given to how the total carbon footprint of conference delegates can be minimised by, for example, choosing conference venues that are accessible by public transport. Priority will be given to actions that minimise waste, adverse impact and cost. The Association will continue to investigate ways in which new ways of electronic communication can be used to minimise travel.

These purchases include office equipment such as computers and printers. The environmental impact of conference venues will be considered although it is recognised that the major impact is likely to be through the travel of delegates. It is considered inappropriate to impose a rigid catering policy. Nevertheless, where possible, caterers will be encouraged to use locally and sustainably produced, or Fair Trade food. Where appropriate, the food chosen should be considered in relation to the topic of the conference.

Please consider donating money to the AAB by recycling your ink cartidges.

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