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Aspects 107: Systems Approaches to Crop Improvement


Nigel Halford

Mikhail Semenov

Systems biology studies the interactions between multiple components of biological systems, exploring how these interactions give rise to function, behaviour and responses to changes in environmental conditions.  Systems approaches, which include mathematical modelling and computational biology, are being used to explore genotype times environment interactions and underpin the rational design of new crop ideotypes for diverse environments, including climate change.  They help to identify traits for crop improvement and enable testing of the performance of new crop ideotypes in silico.  The aim of this conference is to facilitate knowledge exchange on systems approaches to crop improvement and to identify new frontiers in this exciting area of interdisciplinary research.

Professor Nigel Halford,
Convenor AAB Plant Phisiology annd Crop Improvement
E-mail: nigel.halford@bbsrc.ac.uk 

2011 pp.90 

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