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Aspects 110: GM Crops: From Basic research to application

Nigel Halford

Finlay Dale

Huw Jones

Agricultural biotechnology is a key tool in the development of new crops and promises to deliver step-wise changes in input and quality traits. It is generally accepted that GM crops will be one of many strategies needed to feed, clothe and fuel the 9 billion people estimated to be alive in 2050. This view was well articulated in the 2011 Beddington report (Foresight. The Future of Food and Farming). There are already 134 million hectares of GM crops grown by 14 million farmers in 25 countries worldwide (ISAAA, Feb 2010). However, the vast majority are ‘first generation’ herbicide tolerance or Bt events and research is urgently needed to identify new gene targets for high-yielding crops with sustainable inputs and nutritious output characteristics. It is also imperative that there is public trust in the regulatory process and that the identification of potential hazards and the assessment and management of risks associated with GM crops is done impartially, objectively and with a high degree of scientific rigour.

This two-day conference brings together scientists using GM technologies in the main European crops. There will be sessions on transgenic technologies, processes of GM risk assessment and authorisation in the EU, candidate gene research for input and output traits in crop species and novel GM approaches to pest and disease management. The conference is targeted at academic scientists and PhD students using transgenic approaches in crop research as well as more applied biotechnologists, regulators and policy makers.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors, especially the Journal of Experimental Botany who have commissioned several papers from this meeting.

Our sincere thanks go to Carol Millman, Becky Morgan and Bernadette Lawson at the AAB Office for organising the administration for the conference and preparing this volume of Aspects of Applied Biology.


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