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Aspects 112: Biomass and Energy Crops IV


Elaine Booth

Nigel Halford

Ian Sheild

Gail Taylor

David Turley

Tom Voigt 

This conference follows a series of previous AAB meetings held on this topic, with the last conference being held in 2008. This conference series has tracked the development of perennial and annual biomass crops and the use of food crops for energetic applications over the last 14 years, primarily focusing on developments in the UK and Europe. This first foray into the US by the AAB will facilitate the cross fertilisation of ideas and increase understanding between US and European bioenergy researchers and other interested stakeholders. It will help to identify common research themes as well as helping to transfer knowledge to develop approaches and strategies to tackle what are significant targets for generating renewable energy from biomass both in the US and Europe.

This conference provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of the progress and achievements being made in this rapidly developing sector and the drivers for further development. It also highlights areas where there is still further work to be done to increase the productivity of biomass, a necessity in order to minimise impacts on the amount of land that will be required to meet ambitious targets for biomass production.

The topics covered in this conference represent a wide spectrum of associated themes around biomass development including; biomass crop performance (including long-term performance of perennial crops), crop physiology, breeding and genetics, agronomy, improving biomass crop establishment, alternative biomass cropping systems, environmental impacts and economic performance.

The conference also includes a tour of the Energy Farm at the University of Illinois providing delegates with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of energy crop research in practice at the centre.

The organising committee hope that you find the conference stimulating in content and presentation, in the thoughts and dialogue that it promotes and through the contacts you make.


This conference was organised by the Crops and the Environment Committee of the UKfs Association of Applied Biology in association with the University of Illinois, led by David Turley and Tom Voigt respectively. The AAB would like to thank the conference organising committee of Elaine Booth, Nigel Halford, Ian Shield, Gail Taylor, David Turley and Tom Voigt for pulling the programme together and providing editorial review of the submissions collated in these proceedings. The organising committee would also like to thank the staff of the AAB Office for the administration associated with producing this volume of Aspects of Applied Biology.

David Turley


AAB Cropping and the Environment Group


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