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CC30 Finding New Trustees

A ‘start to finish’ guide to help charities to recruit new trustees effectively and increase the range of skills and experience on their board.


CC3 The Essential Trustee

This publication replaces the previous CC3, Responsibilities of Trustees, provides guidance to all trustees, and those who are about to become trustees, on what is involved in being a charity trustee.


CC25 Managing charity assets and resources: a guide for trustees

This guidance is a general introduction to the management of a charity's assets and resources. It is a summary of the key points to think about when looking at the effective management of your charity's assets and resources.



Sound Governance;


CC10 Hallmarks of an Effective Charity

This guidance focuses on the achievements, performance and impact of an effective charity as well as the principles which the Commission expects charities and charity trustees to adhere to.


Operating Overseas;


Charities Working Internationally

Legal requirements and recommended good practice for charities whose work is either wholly or partly international or overseas based.





CC20 Fundraising

This booklet explains charity fund-raising law and gives general advice.

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