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Here are some older Aspects we have left in stock from 2008 & before.

Numbers 55-89


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Aspects 89: Applied Aspects of Aerobiology 
Aspects 88: Effects of Climate Change on Plants: Implications for Agriculture
Aspects 87: Greening the Food Chain, 3 and 4   

Includes papers from the workshops:  

3. Traceability: Tracking and tracing in the food chain  

4. Supplying sustainable and innovative food and drink solutions

Aspects 86: Greening the Food Chain, 1 and 2 Includes papers from the workshops:  

1. What does "green" mean? Seeking to understand and meet    

conflicting aspirations for food  

2. Measuring "green" - does Life Cycle Analysis make sense for food?

Aspects 85: Shaping a Vision for the Uplands
Aspects 83: Crop Protection in Southern Britain 2007
Aspects 82: Vegetation Management 2007
Aspects 80: Delivering sustainability within profitable farming systems - is it possible?
Aspects 77: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2006 
Aspects 76: Production and Protection of Sugar Beet and Potatoes
Aspects 75: Pathways Out Of Poverty 
Aspects 74: GM Crops - Ecological Dimensions
Aspects 73: Roots and the Soil Environment II
Aspects 72: Advances in Applied Biology: providing new opportunities for consumers and producers in the 21st century
Aspects 71: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2004
Aspects 70: Crop Quality: Its role in sustainable livestock production
Aspects 69: Seedbanks: Determination, Dynamics and Management
Aspects 66: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2002
Aspects 64: Wheat Quality SOLD OUT!
Aspects 63: Plant Microbial Interactions: Postitive interactions in relation to crop production and utilisation
Aspects 62: Farming systems for the new Millennium
Aspects 61: IAMFE/AAB UK 2000: The 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanization of Field Experiments
Aspects 60: Remote sensing in agriculture
Aspects 56: Protection and Production of Combinable Break Crops
Aspects 55: Information technology for crop protection
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