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Potatoes: viruses and their vectors
To be held at
SASA, Edinburgh, UK
16 September 2009
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The conference will provide a major platform for the dissemination of recent developments in the understanding of the major viruses affecting potato production, including Potato Leafroll, Potato Viruses A and Y, Tobacco Rattle and Potato Mop Top Viruses as well as their respective vectors, with an emphasis in the fields of diagnostics and crop protection. With the proposed withdrawal of a number of agrochemicals used to control the aphids and soil-borne vectors of these viruses across Europe, it is timely to examine recent developments. Papers will vary in focus: from in depth reports of recent biological research; to new options for chemical and biological control and key practical issues for breeding, agronomy and disease management. Themes that are likely to feature throughout the sessions include:

• Epidemiology of aphid-borne viruses

• Epidemiology of soil borne viruses

• Water management: irrigation and its effects on vector movement

• Diagnostics and their effectiveness: the application of molecular markers to disease diagnostics and management

• Vector control in potatoes: aphids, free living nematodes and powdery scab

• Understanding and managing pesticide control options

• Effect of EU legislation on agricultural practices, costs and output

• Agricultural practices to optimise profit and returns

• Reduced inputs into sustainable crop production: management, optimisation, new genetic approaches and genetic resources

• Breeding objectives and selection pressures

• Effects of changing climate on the interaction between the potato crop, potato viruses and their vectors.

Sessions are likely to be arranged to focus on important potato viruses and their vectors: PVY, PVA, PLRV and aphids; Tobacco Rattle Virus and nematodes; and Potato Mop Top Virus and Powdery Scab.

Presentations and posters from this Conference will be produced together in a volume of the Aspects of Applied Biology series. Copies will be available to delegates at the Conference. Abstracts of posters can still be submitted online via our web site at http://www.aab.org.uk. Click on ABSTRACTS in the left-hand column, then the title of Conference. Once you have registered as a user you can upload your details. Please indicate that your offer is for a poster presentation.


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