Aspects of Applied Biology

The AAB produces the Aspects of Applied Biology series, which are the proceedings of conferences held by the Association or of other organisations for which the AAB provides this service.

Each issue of Aspects is produced in advance of the relevant conference. Aspects articles do not go through a full peer-review process but are thoroughly proofed and edited accordingly to ensure scientific validity. Aspects are available after the conference and are a valuable resource for those working or studying in the relevant field or even for those purely interested in the content.

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Aspects of Applied Biology Series

Aspects 143: Sprayer Cleaning Workshop: Released July 2021

Aspects 146: Intercropping for sustainability: Released January 2021

Aspects 144: International Advances in Pesticide Application

Aspects 142: 5th Symposium of Potato Cyst Nematode Management

Aspects 141: Crop Protection in Southern Britain 2018

Aspects 140: Soil Improvement: Impact of Management Practices on Soil Function

Aspects 139: Ecosystem and Habitat Management: Research, Policy, Practice 
Aspects 138:
Advances in Legume Science and Practice
Aspects 137: International Advances in Pesticide Application
Aspects 136: Sustainable Intensification
Aspects 135: Precision systems in agricultural and horticultural production
Aspects 134: Crop Production in Southern Britain 2017 SOLD OUT!
Aspects 133: ESA14 Growing landscapes - Cultivating innovative agricultural systems
Aspects 132: International Advances in Pesticide Application
Aspects 131: Biomass and Energy Crops V
Aspects 130: 4th Symposium of Potato Cyst Nematode Management
Aspects 129: Getting the Most out of Cover Crops
Aspects 128: Valuing long-term sites and experiments for agriculture and ecology
Aspects 127: Crop Production in Southern Britain: Precision Decisions for Profitable Cropping
Aspects 126: 5th Syposium of Biofumigation SOLD OUT!
Aspects 125: Agronomic Decision Making in an Uncertain Climate
Aspects 124: Breeding Plants to Cope with Future Climate Change
Aspects 122: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2014
Aspects 121: Rethinking Agricultural Systems in the UK

Aspects 120Positive Plant Microbial Interactions: Their role in maintaining sustainable and natural                             ecosystems

Aspects 119Fruits and Roots: A Celebration and Forward Look

Aspects 118Environmental Management on Farmland

Aspects 117Crop Protection In Southern Britain 2012

Aspects 116Acrylamide, furans and other soil borne contaminants

Aspects 115Restoring diverse grassland: What can be achieved where, and what it will it do for us?

Aspects 114: International Advances in Pesticide Application

Aspects 113Making crop rotations fit for the future

Aspects 112: Biomass and Energy Crops IV

Aspects 111: Advances in Cider & Fruit Wine Technology

Aspects 110: GM Crops: From Basic research to application

Aspects 109: Agricultural Ecology Research: its role in delivering sustainable farm systems

Aspects 108: Vegetation Management 2011

Aspects 107: Systems Approaches to Crop Improvement

Aspects 106: Crop Protection in Southern Britain 2011

Aspects 105: Water and nitrogen use efficiency in plants and crops 

Aspects 104: What Makes an Alien Invasive? Risk and policy responses

Aspects 103: 3rd Syposium on Potato Cyst Nematodes SOLD OUT! 

Aspects 102: Delivering Food Security with Food Supply Chain Led Innovations

Aspects 101: Non Food Uses of Crops

Aspects 100: Agri-environment schemes - what have they achieved and where do we go from here?

Aspects 99: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2010  

Aspects 98: Positive plant microbial interactions in relation to plant performance and ecosystem                                 function

Aspects 97: Acrylamide: influence of plant genetics, agronomy and food processing

Aspects 96: Agriculture: Africa's "engine for growth" - Plant science biotechnology hold the key

Aspects 95: Measuring and Marketing the Environmental Costs and Benefits of Agricultural Practice

Aspects 94: Potatoes: Viruses and their Vectors 2009

Aspects 93: Integrated Agricultural Systems: Methodologies, Modelling and Measuring

Aspects 92: The 2nd European Ramularia Workshop - A new disease and challenge in barley                                       production 

Aspects 89: Applied Aspects of Aerobiology 

Aspects 88: Effects of Climate Change on Plants: Implications for Agriculture

Aspects 87: Greening the Food Chain, 3 and 4 Includes papers from the workshops:  

3. Traceability: Tracking and tracing in the food chain  

4. Supplying sustainable and innovative food and drink solutions

Aspects 86: Greening the Food Chain, 1 and 2 Includes papers from the workshops:  

1. What does "green" mean? Seeking to understand and meet conflicting aspirations for food  

2. Measuring "green" - does Life Cycle Analysis make sense for food?

Aspects 85: Shaping a Vision for the Uplands

Aspects 83: Crop Protection in Southern Britain 2007

Aspects 82: Vegetation Management 2007

Aspects 80: Delivering sustainability within profitable farming systems - is it possible?

Aspects 77 volume I: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2006 

Aspects 77 volume II: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2006 

Aspects 76: Production and Protection of Sugar Beet and Potatoes

Aspects 75: Pathways Out Of Poverty 

Aspects 74: GM Crops - Ecological Dimensions

Aspects 73: Roots and the Soil Environment II

Aspects 72: Advances in Applied Biology: providing new opportunities for consumers and producers in                       the 21st century

Aspects 71: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2004

Aspects 70: Crop Quality: Its role in sustainable livestock production

Aspects 69: Seedbanks: Determination, Dynamics and Management

Aspects 66: International Advances in Pesticide Application 2002

Aspects 64: Wheat Quality SOLD OUT!

Aspects 63: Plant Microbial Interactions: Positive interactions in relation to crop production and                                   utilisation

Aspects 62: Farming systems for the new Millennium

Aspects 61: IAMFE/AAB UK 2000: The 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanization                         of Field Experiments

Aspects 60: Remote sensing in agriculture

Aspects 56: Protection and Production of Combinable Break Crops

Aspects 55: Information technology for crop protection