AAB Carer Fund



The AAB Carer Fund provides support for those with accessibility needs

The AAB Carer Fund is open to applications from all AAB members

As an organisation AAB aims to provide opportunities for anyone to attend their events, irrespective of their home or personal circumstances. This might often require financial assistance that is unavailable through conventional travel grants.

£500 is available for each individual grant. Funds are usually reimbursed but in special circumstances advanced payment is possible.

Applications must be made at least two-months before the relevant meeting to Geraint Parry at geraint@aab.org.uk

The AAB Carer Fund is for members who need additional help to attend either live and virtual events. Applications will be judged on their individual merits but could be used for childcare, to support care of elderly or disabled adult relatives or for personal use to facilitate accessibility needs (travel, audio-visual, personal help).

The AAB EO Geraint Parry will manage the applications and the finance team will arrange for payments to be made to successful applicants.

To apply please download and return this form.

If you need any assistance please contact Geraint Parry.