Submit an ICAR2022 Poster


Please use this page to submit your digital poster for ICAR2022

We welcome all poster presenters to upload a PDF version of your poster. This applies to both in-person and online delegates.

These posters will be collated into a Google Doc as well as shown on the ICAR2022 digital platform.

To upload your poster, simply complete the form below. You have been assigned a poster number so it VERY IMPORTANT that the file name begins with your Poster number and your Last Name (eg P5-25_LAST-NAME)

FYI you can download the list of poster number here (updated XXX).

Please prepare the PDF in PORTRAIT orientiation with the maximum dimensions of A0 and maximum size 1MB.

These posters will be collated and loaded to the meeting Google Doc by Cara Wheeldon and Geraint Parry so if you have any questions about your submmission please contact them by email.

Prior to the meeting we wil share the link to the Google Doc with all ICAR2022 participants.

In-person delegates are of course invited to bring a physcial poster to ICAR2022. Maximum size Ao in PORTRAIT orientation. You will be able to hang your poster from the afternoon of Monday June 20th.

Posters will be available for viewing throughout the meeting. Official in-person poster sessions are Tuesday June 21st 1800-2100 (even-numbered posters) and Wednesday 22nd 1800-2100 (odd-numbered posters).

We invite online delegates to arrange individual meetings to discuss their poster/research with meeting attendees. This will need to be done on a personal video/audio call.

Upload Your Poster Here

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