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Closed Transfer Systems Workshop

9 March 2022

Timing could be considered the most important factors when it comes to applying crop
protection products. A great spray applied at the wrong time isn’t nearly as effective as a
mediocre spray applied at the right time. To get application timing correct efficiencies outside
of the field can be hugely beneficial. Filling of the sprayer can be a complex, time consuming
task which impacts the operator’s ability to apply product in a timely manner. It also is the
area of maximum exposure for the operator to the product and carries the highest risk of point
source contamination. With increases in changeable weather effecting application timing,
regulatory pressures and a need to protect operators Closed Transfer Systems have become
very relevant as a risk mitigation technology. This workshop aims to exchange experiences
from different stakeholders in order to provide improvements on the topic of Closed Transfer
Systems through the demonstration and dissemination of solutions which are able to improve
filling efficiencies whilst minimising or avoiding operator and environmental contamination


9 March 2022


Silsoe Spray Applications Unit