Aspects 123: Advances in Cider and Wine Making Technology II




This is the second Aspects in Applied Biology book relating to the AAB Conference: Advances in Cider and Wine Making Technology workshop and extends on previous topics covered in the first workshop in 2011 and introduces advanced studies in specialist areas relevant to the industry.

Morning conference sessions included topics relevant to small scale production including orchard management and fruit selection, efficiencies in juice extraction, fermentation management and conditioning and quality assurance for consistency. This session was particularly relevant to small and craft scale producers looking to extend their understanding of the basic process and seeking to manage consistency in product character.

The afternoon talk session was more academic with a focus on advanced techniques currently under development and with potential for future application. Specific topics included the use of molecular biology in fruit and microbial identification, fruit and microbial genetics for product character and flavour, metabolomics in flavour analysis, dietary and nutritional characterisation of apple and fruit wines and sensory analysis technology.

A parallel afternoon session included a hands-on a laboratory workshop demonstrating basic analysis techniques for small scale production management. Participants were encouraged to bring their own fruit, cider and wine samples for analysis which were included in alcohol and gravity assessments, sugar and acid profiling, sulphur titrations and tannin assessments. Topics focused on yeast evaluation and bacteria identification using light microscopy and identification of fruit quality by visual and microscopic analysis.

Dr Keith Thomas, Brewlab Limited, Unit 1 West Quay Court, Sunderland Enterprise Park, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear SR5 2TE, UK


Developing orchards for modern cider apple production: A M BERRIE, J D FITZGERALD & E COPAS

Experience with fruit wall growing systems in apples and their potential in cider production: C TIMOTHY BIDDLECOMBE

Cider Production Process and Management: RICHARD TOFT

The effect of environmental conditions on the microflora of the early stages of a natural fermentation of cider: CHRIS HOLLILAND, JULIO ROMERO JOHNSON & KEITH THOMAS

Traditional and modern methods of identifying and characterising cider microorganisms: JULIO ROMERO JOHNSON & KEITH THOMAS

Managing the risk of protein haze formation in wines: MATTEO MARANGON

Cider Farm “Les Landes du Lugnet”: MARIE LAOT

Quality systems: Design and application: ARTHUR BRYANT

Analysis protocols for cider and fruit wines: KEITH THOMAS

Traditional and modern cider in Asturias Spain: SEVE PANDIELLA & KEITH THOMAS

The archive of cider pomology: REBECCA ROSEF

The persistence of pathogens in fruit juice and cider: CONOR McCLAY & KEITH THOMAS

The Challenges of a New Community Cider Orchard on the Edge of the Yorkshire Dales: BRIGITTE DONOGHUE & SALLY RECKERT

Does acid inhibit pathogens in fruit juice?: VALERIE SHI QIAN WONG & KEITH THOMAS

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