Aspects 141: Crop Protection in Southern Britain 2018


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The conference, which is the seventh in the series, has taken its name literally and has relocated to Brighton. This is in order to join forces with the BCPC Brighton Congress by providing two sessions on the second day on subjects that are of great interest and relevance to delegates of both conferences. The first joint session will cover challenges to crop protection in New Zealand and also France, where the Government has announced its intention to withdraw authorisation for all products based on glyphosate despite continued EU approval. The second joint session will hear the Government’s vision of delivering a ‘Green Brexit’ followed by two papers on the likely impact of Brexit on pesticide regulation in the UK.

The first day has sessions on fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and integrated pest management. All the sessions have as a backdrop the impact of pesticide resistance and the threat or reality of pesticide withdrawals due to regulatory action. This has resulted in all the papers in the insecticide session being on the subject of the consequences of the ban on neonicotinoid seed dressings. Hence, the programme reflects many of the current challenges facing the UK arable industry. The need for good scientific bases for decision-making, not only on crop protection and management but also on such issues as pesticide registration and use, continues to be of the upmost importance.

Presentations at this conference (except for the second session on the second day) are produced in Volume 141 of the Aspects of Applied Biology series. Copies are available for delegates at the Conference.


Steve Foster, Paul Gosling, Richard Hull, Stephen Moss & Jim Orson

2018 (127pp)


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