A core activity of the AAB is to organise a conference program that is driven from the bottom-up by our membership.

Members can funnel their ideas for conferences and training events through the AAB specialists groups who then discuss proposed events with the AAB program secretary, executive officer and AAB Council. We are an experienced conference organising team who are focused on providing scientific quality and value for money in all of our events. We are experts in organising events in the academic-SME space and understand that the most important aspect of any event is to provide quality collaborative interactions and maximum exposure for the research.

As a non-profit registered charity we only recover our staff costs and therefore offer excellent value for money. We are happy to work with external organisers to arrange events that fit with our charitable aims. We organise in-person, hybrid or virtual events and have experience with a range of virtual platforms that will support different levels of delegate interactions.


Download the AAB Forward Conference Plan for 2022-23

This includes AAB events that do not yet have an ‘official’ website but could be added to your diaries!


Stephen Moss has kindly updated his advice on ‘Conference presentations: the basics updated‘. Download here this very useful guide to preparing quality powerpoint slides!