Food Systems



The Food Systems Group was formed at the 2008 AGM. Application of biology is integral to the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding our population. As several challenges impact of our food supply system, we have to ensure that it is secure and resilient. This requires a truly transdisciplinary approach across the sciences both on a national and global level. The biological sciences will play a major role, but this will require a strategic and collaborative approach and possibly new and as yet undiscovered ways of working.​

Within the Food Systems Group, we hope to identify the role in which applied biology underpins our food system and also what can be contributed at an international level. We aim to work with stakeholders across the food supply chain involved in all aspects of food production and to provide a forum for debate and advancement of knowledge of this important scientific topic.”


Christine Bosch

Christine is a Lecturer in the School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds.

Expert in diet and health; secondary plant metabolites; flavonoids; oxidative stress and inflammation; molecular nutrition; functional food; gene-nutrient interactions; trace element metabolism

Group Members

Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso

Yoselin is a lecturer in plant science at the University of Leeds.

Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz

Gabriela is a lecturer in plant science at Lancaster University

Emilie Combet

Emilie is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at the University of Glasgow