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Annals of Applied Biology: Volume 180, Issue 1, January 2022

Name: Daniel Amorim Vieira

Article title: Do brassinosteroids alleviate water stress in seedlings of Handroanthus serratifolius?

– Twitter Profile: @PetrolinaVieira

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– How did the authors organise the research project published in this article in Annals:

Our research group always seeks in their research to contribute to the expectations of society, and one of the concerns of the scientific community is in relation to the impacts that climate change can have on plant production, especially in relation to the impacts of the water deficit. Thus, we decided to work with Brassinosteroids as a way to attenuate the effects of water stress on the growth and development of Ipê Amarelo seedlings, where we found satisfactory results and thus contributing to further studies on the use of growth regulators under conditions of abiotic stress .

– Describe your scientific journey so far: 

I am an Agronomist by vocation and love, I am dedicated in everything I do, in my training as an Agronomist, which was excellent, as I was able to experience the areas of extension, teaching and research. I worked with organic fertilization, selection of vegetable varieties that best fit with the conditions of Petrolina-PE, in pest control using natural insecticides. melon in order to evaluate the physiological and production responses under water deficit conditions. I did a PhD in Agronomy/Plant Physiology at the Federal University of Lavras, where I worked with native and agricultural plants in order to assess the growth, development and physiological responses under conditions of abiotic stress.

I worked with the Center for Studies in Plant Physiology as Administrative Coordinator, where we organize lectures, workshops for students, teachers and farmers. I exercised the role of service provider as a technical consultant while still in my doctorate and during the pandemic period with the company Alfha Consultoria e Serviços to serve clients working with mango and acerola crops in the cities of Petrolina-PE, Brazil and Sento Sé-BA , Brazil. I’m a Christian (Catholic), I like to work in a team, because when we work in a group we can have good results and they would never be achieved alone and that the work environment is harmonious, respectful and in tune between people so that it is pleasant and personal income and professional is intensified respecting the characteristics of each one.

– What do you do for entertainment away from the lab/field:

I read history books, I read articles and magazines about Brazilian and global politics. I watch movies, series, football and sports in general. Whenever I can, together with my wife Marília Mickaele, we meet friends and family to talk and laugh.