Conference Organisers



Conference Organisers

This area is designed to assist you when organising a conference. It explains AAB procedures and provides guidelines to minimise the risk of the conference running at a significant loss.

“The principal services provided to members of the Association of Applied Biologists are the high quality scientific publications and series of Conferences, which covers a wide range of topics. Approximately, 12 conferences are arranged each year and require much careful planning and interactions between the Association’s office staff and the voluntary conference organiser(s) who give so generously of their time. The scientific reputation of the Association and its financial security both depend on the success of the conference programme. All successful conferences require careful planning. This Conference Pack has been put together as a guide to help to make the job of the Conference Organiser as easy as possible whilst ensuring that the tasks required are completed on a timely basis and that the communications between office staff and conference organisers run smoothly and efficiently. The information presented has been put together after much discussion amongst colleagues with considerable experience in conference planning and it represents best practice. On behalf of the AAB I would like to thank you most sincerely for your voluntary inputs that are so vital to the work of the Association.”

~ Graham Russell, Former AAB Programme Secretary

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