Aspects 144: International Advances in Pesticide Application


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The 2020 International Advances in Pesticide Application, is the 16th biennial IAPA Conference. Papers have been received from across the world, providing delegates with a full programme of Platform and Poster sessions. As well as the high level technical content, the conference offers a unique opportunity for engineers, scientists, regulators and end users to discuss all aspects of pesticide application, and best practices for optimising performance, while minimising the impact on the environment, bystanders, and operators.

A key challenge for the industry is to get the manufacturers of pesticides application equipment and regulators more involved with improved methods of pesticide application, pesticide handling and disposal, and get these improvements established as the default recommendation for products, equipment, and application practices, bringing benefits to the environment, bystanders and productivity.

The conference caters for all aspects of pesticide application from small holdings to broad scale farming, from traditional pesticides to bio-pesticides. The papers presented at the conference add to the documented global knowledge and experience that leads to safer and more effective application of crop protection products.

The invited speakers at the 2020 IAPA Conference are:

Helping growers get the best out of biopesticides – the AMBER project

Dr Dave Chandler – University of Warwick, Wellesbourne, UK

Keeping Surface Water Clean at Deverell Farm

John Martin – Farmer and Sprayer Operator from Dorset UK.

Key topic areas for sessions include:

• Biopesticides and Vectors

• Regulations and Standards

• Precision Application

• Sprayer Loading and Cleaning

• Target Deposistion, Fruit and Vine, and Formulation

• Drift, and Post Application Emissions

• Training

• Pesticide Application Modelling

• Unmanned Aerial Spray Systems

Thanks go to the session organisers Ben Magri, Colin Mountford-Smith, Jan van de Zande, Paolo Balsari, Simon Cooper, Richard Glass, James Thomas, David Nuyttens, Clare Butler Ellis and Emilio Gil for their work on editing the papers and finally to Carol Millman and the staff at the AAB Office for organising the conference and producing this book.

Tom Robinson

Pesticide Application Group Convener


Paolo Balsari, Clare Butler Ellis, Simon Cooper, Emilio Gil, Richard Glass, Ben Magri, Colin Mountford-Smith, David Nuyttens, Tom Robinson, James Thomas & Jan van de Zande

2020 (324pp)


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