Aspects 142: 5th Symposium of Potato Cyst Nematode Management


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As organiser of the ‘5th Symposium of Potato Cyst Nematodes’, I would like to extend a warm welcome and wish you a productive conference. Based on the program and the nationality of delegates, we have further confirmation that PCN are continuing to pose a threat to potatoes across the globe. Some countries, such as Kenya, have only recently identified the pest, while others are identifying new issues with virulence. It is clear that we still have much to learn about PCN populations and their interaction with potato varieties. There are also changes afoot with agrochemical options, in addition to new work on other methods for suppressing populations such as trap cropping and biofumigation.

It is pleasing to see a diverse conference program that covers many aspects relating to the biology, distribution and management of potato cyst nematodes. We have the pleasure of welcoming two invited speakers; On Day 1, Dr Solveig Haukeland, from ICIPE in Kenya, will be discussing the distribution of PCN in Kenya and work conducted on African nightshades. On Day 2, Professor P. Urwin will discuss work completed on a revised model for PCN management.

Delegates consist of academics, agronomists, agrochemical company representatives, plant breeders and members of the potato industry; as such, the conference offers an excellent opportunity for networking and discussion of the topics raised.

Matthew Back
Nematology Group, Harper Adams University
Conference Organiser 10–11 September 2019


Matthew Back, Vivian Blok, Louise-Marie Dandurand, Kim Davie, Lindy Holden-Dye, Leendert Molendijk, Loes Den Nijs & Jon Pickup

2019 (170pp)


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